3-Phases Dry Reactors


Reactors are chokes without FE-core and they are designed for serial engagement in high voltage networks.

Dry high-voltage limiting reactors are particularly used to reduce short-circuit current in order to prevent an increase in short-circuit currents to values dangerous for the device.
Our company has rich experience in design and production of limiting reactors – voltage from 0,4 up to 35 kV, maximum current up to 6000 A.
Reactors are manufactured in various configurations:
1) vertically – 3 phases superimposed
2) gradually – 1 phase above the other 2 phases, 1 phase separated
3) horizontally – 3 phases side-by-side

The main advantage of these reactors:
a) standard parameters up to 5000 A, 35 kV
b) production according to individual customer requirements
c) outlets positioning according to customer demand
d) dimension adjustment of reactors by location in dimensionally confined spaces

 VN reaktor


  • Reactors are made with low looses and in high Quality level ESN EN 60289
  • reastors are made from AL-sheet 

       Table of kinds 1 and 3 - phases reactors









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